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Metro 2033 sequel: Last Light announced

Metro: Last Light logo

Metro: Last Light logo

It seems that the sequel to the original Metro 2033 horror-shooter video game will see some nice improvements. Named ‘Metro: Last Light’ by its developers at 4A Games, the game will continue to be set in post-apocalyptic Moscow/Russia and have its gameplay completely reworked from scratch. The folks who are making the game hope to make the combat system more sophisticated as they acknowledged the original Metro 2033 combat system was a little underwhelming.

The fact the sequel to Metro 2033 isn’t called Metro 2034 like many had anticipated leads us to believe that Metro: Last Light will be set in 2033, with a story perhaps a few days or weeks after the events from the first game. Kinda like how Ubisoft made “Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood” as a tweener between Assassin’s Creed 2 and Assassin’s Creed 3 AKA Assassin’s Creed Revelations. So we might see Metro 2034 sometime later, but likely as a sequel to Metro: Last Light.

News is Artyom, our favorite silent Russian character we played as in Metro 2033, will make a return in Last Light. And though the game will be making its way over to the Playstation and Xbox platforms, 4A Games and THQ are promising another mindblowing experience for PC gamers in terms of graphics and performance. Well, Crytek already ‘sold out’ to ‘game consolification’ by making the PC edition of Crysis 2 a lot more dumbed down to console levels… looks like 4A Games might be the new taker of the crown and garner the crowd of PC gamers. They already did marvels with Metro 2033, being the best looking game I’ve ever seen – on par or better than Crysis, let’s hope they make Metro: Last Light even more jawdropping in terms of graphics and realism.

Oh Metro: Last Light is to be released some time in 2012 so you’d better grab a bucket if you wanna start drooling now about one of the most fantastic games you’ll be playing in a year’s time.

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