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Call of Duty: Elite service revealed

Call of Duty Elite announced

Call of Duty Elite announced

Activision has took the wraps off their latest and greatest brainchild: Call of Duty Elite. The new service that’s rolling out soon in ‘beta’ status for Black Ops initially, and will likely be out of beta by the time Modern Warfare 3 launches in November, will sport three main features:

  • Connect: apparently Call of Duty Elite will be introducing features that creates a ‘social network’ multiplayer environment which lets them manage people they play against, groups, clans and tournaments, which sounds like a nice way of saying “multiplayer will be back to the way it should be (or close to it hopefully) but Activision wants to be in control (and not the admin of your game room)”
  • Compete: Events and competitions with prizes in both virtual and IRL (in real life) form… we wonder who’s gonna be sponsoring the real-life prizes… oh, we forgot, those subscription fees you’re gonna be paying will probably be more than enough to cover that!
  • Improve: A statistics and performance tracker that helps you analyze your game. Looks like Activision wants to make Call of Duty the new ‘golf’, just like how hardcore golfers want to track their game and analyze their club swing.
  • Monthly subscription fees: This isn’t exactly a new feature but probably the most fun thing that comes along with Call of Duty Elite. Why fun? Because it’s sure going to be entertaining to see who’s willing to stump out XYZ amount of dough per month for Call of Duty… Call of Duty might just be the new WoW.

Of course, Activision says that main features will be free while others will be paid. Well alright, we’ll take things with a pinch of salt there… because the last time somebody promised an awesome Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, guess what happened?

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