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Age of Empires Online coming out August 16

Age of Empires Online: August 16 launch

Age of Empires Online: August 16 launch

Word from Microsoft themselves points that their Age of Empires Online game is coming out in less than 3 months’ time on August 16. This spiritual spinoff, I really wouldn’t call it a successor or reboot to the Age of Empires made by the now-defunct Ensemble studios and it would be insulting to the developers of the original 3 games if I did, to the series does away with the moderately serious graphics and targeting real-time strategy fanatics and instead sports a bunch of watered-down cartoon-like graphics, less violence (and no blood?) probably in hopes to cater to a more casual crowd. But the question is, what sort of ‘casual’ or ‘web browser gamer’ would want to bother themselves with Age of Empires Online (and they’ll all be like “What the heck is a real-time strategy game?!”) when they would rather be fighting Mafia Wars or tending to their agricultural production at Farmville or feeding imaginary guests at some other Zynga media web game? I suppose that’s the magical question Microsoft has yet to ask themselves but if you asked us, they should just make a proper Age of Empires 4 instead!

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